AutomateIt Is A Simple And Free Android Automation Tool

AutomateIT is A Free tool for Android usersAutomateIt is an Android tool that allows you to look at your Android with depths about the details of its functionalities. This tool has a simple interface with four basic controls that creates new rule for you. These four controls are available for you with the details as follows:


  • A Trigger
  • An Action
  • An Optional Delay
  • A Text Description

These four controls of AutomateIt have different purposes about their functionalities. Triggers referred as the things like Bluetooth connections, a battery level, location is an option also, a charging cord/wire  whereas Actions are the Notifications, vibrations, volume changes , launching the chosen apps and other things which you can do. Using Triggers and Actions can save your battery; you can make settings easier while driving a car and much more you can do from this device if you want to. You can get work through AutomateIt from your Android systems.

Give it a try; it just needs your time with no money.



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