BATTLE BEARS Is A Cool 3D Android Game

Battle Bears 3D gameBATTLE BEARS is a powerful 3D action game that requires OS 2.2 or higher. BATTLE BEARS is been fully tested on EVO, DROID X, Nexus One, and the GALAXY TAB with 2.2 or higher. The game is said to be the number 1 action game in Canada, US, China, UK and Australia. BATTLE BEARS were originally created by Benjamin Vu and is a registered trademark of SkyVu Pictures Inc. While playing BATTLE BEARS you take the role of a teddy (Oliver) bear powered with various weapons and battle with zombie bears. You need to stop the zombie bears from breaching sandbags (ooer). The game offers a simple but fun shooting mechanics and loads of stuffing-fueled headshots.

Let’s have some tips on how to play the BATTLE BEARS:

Use one thumb to plan and the other thumb to tap-on-fire.
– Tap on the pink bear icon next to the score to PAUSE
– Pause the game, then hold down the RETURN Button for at least 2 seconds to QUIT
– Tap on the screen during the movie to SKIP a cut scene movie
– Press and HOLD for a long time while using your other thumb to aim the laser beam, to fire the LASER. Aim at COLBEAR’s feet, hands, and face!
BATTLE BEAR is available to you and  a must have, with a hilarious story.



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