Baviux Is Yet Another Interesting Android Game [Free Android App]

There are loads of free Android games in the cyberspace and Android mobile market but daily a lot of new and interesting games emerge. So the same way today we have another interesting game to tell you about and that is Baviux.

Baviux is a new, entertaining Android game. Baviux is the name of small blue creatures that were removed from their planet and taken as slaves. So you will play through many levels and worlds to free all the Baviux. Baviux can go back to their planet with your help. While playing the Baviux you can push green buttons to create “air flows”, to get the blue balls inside your space ships you need to rotate your device.

The game play is similar to those of 80’s “water games” like Angry birds, Doodle jump and the iPhone game “iwater flow”.

Download it from this LINK .


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