Best App To Create QR Code For Free On Android

QR Code short for Quick Response Code is one of the basic features available on Smartphones which almost every single one of us uses. QR was first designed for the automotive industry. Because of their fast readability and large storage capacity, they have become very popular. We will notice these codes in newspapers, advertisements, billboards, products, and every single thing you can imagine. It might have a QR Code.

A visible QR code! Flip your smartphone, scan the QR and it would launch the destination. The destination might vary depending on nature. i.e. it could be a unique web address, contact information, reviews, product page, events, business information and the list goes on.

QR Droid

QR Droid is the only best-ranked QR Code app available for Android, based on usage, functionality and performance. The user scans the QR code from the device camera and gets quick access to information. Apart from scanning QR codes, this app also allows you to create QR Codes. It can be a business card, contact, web address, application, text, image, calendar events etc.  Simple and straightforward in nature, this app would hold a mark on any smart device.

create qr code for free android qr droid


Users can also download GPS Plugin for this app which adds the ability to create a QR Code from your location using GPS. Moreover, the Widget plugin can be added for fast functionality. Available widgets include clock widget, history widget, business card widget and shortcut widget. All pointing to QR codes.

Create QR Code

Create QR Code from Location

QR Droid uses the following permissions:
Hardware controls, network communication, personal information and storage. Some users might worry about specific permissions but developers have mentioned full details on why these permissions are required. i.e. camera to scan codes, read contacts to create QR codes, etc. Click here to read more!

Overall a must-have QR code app to easily read and generate QR codes. Give it a try as it is one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store. Do not forget to leave a comment!

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