Best App for Playing Full Drum Kit On iOS [WT Music]

With tons of music instrument apps on the App Store, it becomes a challenge finding the best so Wow Techy decided to choose a gem outta the garbage and here is our review.

Drum Meister – The Best Drums Playing Mobile App!

Drum Meister was our choice for the drumming enthusiasts. It’s so versatile that each user can custom arrange the whole drum kit to their own liking as well as learn to master the app with in built presets. Excellent sound quality, ease of use and awesome graphics gives you a rock star feel on your device and gets you tapping super nice beats in minutes.

20110928-123543.jpg20110928-123457.jpgYou can choose your drum kit from rock, jazz, dance, electro. With each having very distinctive an true sound. There is option to load Rock, pop, jazz, hip hop, electronica, dance and advanced presets with a total of 40 different song beats to choose from and play along at the same time.


Any music app will be incomplete with a recording option and Drum Meister does this beautifully too. Drum Meister is a $1.99 app from App store and free from Installous on jailbroken devices (Check out our step-by-step guide on how to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iTouch). Try it out and let us know what you thought of being the Drum Meister.

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