Best Free HD Wallpaper App For Android With Scrollable And Static Option

We are never get over with our smartphone photo galleries. Be it just pictures or wallpapers. We do love to take, save and change more of them in every possible way. With the availability of so many wallpaper apps in Google Play store, its hard to find a reliable one which can categorize and give you adjustable options. Most might be using it already on their Android devices, its called Background Box HD. This app has million plus downloads and wallpapers. Wallpapers are categorized in a number of subs. Almost all wallpapers we went through, had full resolution available to them. Meaning, it will fit a decent smartphone screen as well as a tablet screen.

SC20120617-223835 SC20120617-223939

The other great feature of this app comes in, once a picture is selected to set as wallpaper. User can easily crop and set them as scrollable or static wallpaper. Set and apply, you’re new wallpaper will appear on homescreen. Users can also share selected wallpaper via any sharing app installed on device.

SC20120617-223913 SC20120617-223923

One of many HD wallpaper apps, which will fulfill your background needs based on categories. Its available for free in Google Play Store. Click the app name, or scan the QR Code to instantly download on device.


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