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Learning has no age limit and the Internet is full of educational resources. One just needs to know what to look for. A lot of websites offer free and paid courses on the world wide web. In this article, we will share some educational sites which offer free and paid courses – and can be utilized by everyone (no age limit).

Online Education Sites


The first one we would like to highlight is Coursera, a famous learning platform. It offers learning resources for university and college students. Learners can join for free and build skills by taking courses and getting certifications. Coursera offers online degrees from globally recognized universities. Business programs are available for learning solutions for enterprises and teams.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization which aims to provide a free world-class online education for anyone, everyone. Online education and courses at the academy range from math for pre-k to 8th grade, high school and college math, science, computing, arts & humanities, economics and life skills. Khan Academy has partnered with post-secondary schools which helps them curate necessary courses and learning material for the internet.


Udemy is a great source of learning for anyone. Users can find educational courses on a variety of topics and purchase them. Udemy portal is user-friendly and does contain a lot of free courses. Teachers and subject matter experts can become instructors on the portal. There are hundreds of instructors from around the world who offer courses and teach at Udemy. Find courses around design, development, marketing, IT & software, personal development, business, photography and the list goes on.

Stanford Online

Free courses listed on Stanford University’s live portal have a lot to offer. There is a variety of topics including AI, arts, business management, computer science, data science, and engineering. Learners can have flexibility with the availability of self-paced courses via Stanford online education. Stanford portal is a great resource for free courses.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Similar to Stanford and other universities, MIT offers free online education. The courses are very in-depth. Course features include video lectures, interactive assessments, and assignments. Students can take undergraduate and graduate courses.


Codecademy is a platform for online education but is limited yet unique to coding. Students can learn languages like Python, Javascript, Java, Go, and Swift. Code-related subjects are offered here like web development, data science, and machine learning. Millions of learners utilize Codecademy to learn and enhance their skills. Well defined workflow gives this platform an edge over others.

Code promotes learning computer science at home. Courses at Code include application development, robotics and programming languages. They have a big audience of 50 million students and 1 million teachers. There are course offerings from grade K to 12 and beyond 12. Importantly, Brief Hour Of Code tutorials is available for quick learners.


Ted-Ed is a great resource for learning and is completely free. Students can jump in and explore a variety of subjects from arts, mathematics, design, technology and the list goes on. Lessons within courses include videos, articles and interactive animations. Ted-Ed is a great resource to learn about new topics.

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is a free educational tool for kids (pre to grade 8). There are games, reading and math zone options. There are a lot more game offerings in comparison to other categories. Games and reading options are visible on the screen based on grade selection. Moreover, reading material can be purchased and downloaded.

GitHub Education

Technology and development enthusiasts are well aware of Git and Github. Github offers a free education portal for students. One can get access to GitHub student developer pack, campus experts, teacher toolbox, and campus programs.

In conclusion, there are tons more similar offerings when it comes to online education. Do comment on your favourite one. One can always utilize some of these learning portals to learn or enhance a new skill.

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