Best Graphic Design Apps Of 2022

Whether graphic designing is your hobby or your profession, good graphic design software is an essential tool. But choosing one from the sea of software currently at our disposal is no easy feat! This is why we are here to help you do just that.

In this piece, we will be reviewing some of the best graphic design software available in the market. We will be discussing the key features and what they are best for. Along with a short review as well. Our roundup of design apps focuses on the leading industry standards as well as a few new and upcoming apps. Hopefully, this article will help you make the right choice of graphic design software.

Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for a reason. This app enables you to express your original ideas through shapes, color, effects, and typography. Create stunning designs and illustrations quickly for print, video, social media, web, apps, animations, and more by collaborating on desktop and smartphone devices.

Adobe Illustrator adapts to your requirements and offers exceptional customization. There’s no need to fret if you move to a new device because you can access preset layouts and store all of your information in the cloud. The software offers versatility in design. You can design graphics and images with it in practically any size. We’re talking about enormous images akin to billboards or minute embellishments for a smartphone app.

Best: Overall Graphic design & Vector Illustrations

Key Features:

  1. Extensive library of Adobe stock templates.
  2. Creative Cloud to manage projects anywhere.
  3. Match colors from images through Adobe Sensei AI.


Canva is an exceptional easy-to-use graphic design platform. It can be used to make a wide range of graphics including presentations, social media posts, headers, documents, invitations, posters, ebooks, and much more. Furthermore, It also has a video maker along with a logo designer as well. The app is a complete all-rounder and best for those who need to design multiple types of graphics and design mediums.

Canva is a one-stop shop for making a wide range of projects, including infographics, websites, and t-shirts. It uses an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that is simple to use even for those without prior graphic design skills. To get things started, the application offers a vast collection of photos, templates, backdrops, and fonts. Many of these objects are available for free on Canva, however, there are some that need in-app payments. Even though a lot of professional graphic designers look down on the app, Canva is a must-have for both the skilled and the unskilled.

Best: For Creating Easy & Simple Graphics

Key Features:

  1. Design templates.
  2. Free Online Storage.
  3. Free Clipart.


Krita is a powerful design software available for free. It is best for art enthusiasts and design hobbyists looking for a comprehensive design app without spending a dime. Krita is a great image-editing tool, but it’s primarily intended for digital painters and illustrators. It is also renowned for its extensive brush library and for providing a digital creative experience that rivals that of industry giants like Photoshop.

Digital artists will be drawn to the platform since it boasts of being developed by the artists for the artists. Krita houses a great selection of brushes, vector tools, and brush stabilizers. The platform is frequently updated, to add new improvements and features. Krita is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Best: For designers looking for a comprehensive free design tool.

Key Features:

  1. Layer management.
  2. Color management.
  3. Shapes tools.


Procreate is a complete art studio for iPad and Apple Pencil Support. It is one of the best software available on the market for all things graphic design and digital art. The app features easy-to-use menus making digital art an easy feat. It houses extensive customisable brush libraries and powerful tools. Its biggest limitation is probably the fact that currently, it’s exclusive to iPad and iOS.

One of Procreate’s unique features is its ability to work in 3D. Which it can then preview in real-time in AR. Procreate is a great place to start if you’ve been wanting to experiment with animation. But the vast array of tools and functions may overwhelm a newbie. However, what’s great is that due to its vast array of brushes and abilities you are bound to learn something new every time you use it.

Best: For Graphic Designing & Editing on iPad

Key Features:

  1. Offers 200 customizable brushes.
  2. Features an intuitive selection of complementary colors.
  3. Color drop tool can be used for fill.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is capable of editing photographs, creating artwork, and combining text and images for graphic design. That’s why we’ve included it on our list. It can achieve almost everything Photoshop can at only a fraction of the price.

Affinity Photo is a more affordable option for editing existing photos than Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It works with both vector and raster graphics to produce beautiful effects using layers and filters. Similar to CorelDRAW, the app supports the SVG file format. Although you can make your own templates, the application doesn’t come with any. It is lightweight, tough, and offers a lengthy 90-day free trial.

Best: For Photo Editing and Layer Editing.

Key Features:

  1. Panorama stitching.
  2. Noise reduction.
  3. RAW editing.

Choose the Best Graphic Design App For Your Needs

The world of graphic design is ever-evolving and vast. It is easy to get lost in the sea of software that we currently have for illustration and design. This is why this article will help you pick the most suitable software from the best options available. However, like many of us, you may be on a budget and looking for great design software for free. In that case, head on over to our Five Free Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop to discover the best graphic design and photo editing software that you can use for free!

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