Best Must Have Android Media Players

Best Must Have Android Media Players

We are always looking for unique media players for our devices. Our requirements might be to have a player which can play all formats and great subtitle support, or a player which would also play content from URLs and HTTP streams. In this article, we share some of the best media and video player apps for Android devices which are based on end-user requirements. These apps were selected based on testing, and user reviews from different web sources. (Google Play comments, App reviews, developer forums etc.)

Android Media Players

Super Video

It is a pop-up standalone video player for Android. Users can open files and URLs, placing them freely on the screen with resizing, minimising, and control options. It simply floats on your screen and plays all HD videos you want it to play. A must-have for all those who do a lot of ‘viewing’ on their smartphones and tablets. It was successfully tested on Galaxy Note, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus. Click here to read our detailed review on Super Video.

MX Player

WT recommends MX player because of its smooth video playback and intuitive live controls. Smooth playback which uses the maximum hardware acceleration allows users to switch between different functions easily. Users can switch audio streams and subtitles as fast as required. Swipe controls across the screen allow users to zoom in and adjust volume and brightness. Download and try.

best android media players

Mobo Player

Mobo Player has a number of downloads similar to any other app features in this article. It supports almost all video formats with built-in software decoding and added support to subtitles. Users can easily browse around the playlist without moving eyes from the playing content and run video streams from HTTP and RTSP protocols. A unique and neat app which would let you play files without conversion.

android media players

Click here to view and download ARM codecs for Mobo Player.

mVideo Player

A free, ad-supported app which plays what your device can support! The app comes in with decent MKV subtitle support. The app comes in with a friendly interface allowing all sorts of users to easily navigate through. Other features include automated poster search for a video library, search, and user tweaks.

To go ad-free buy the full version for CDN $3.89.

If we have missed any must-have Android media players point them out to us! Download and test based on your requirement.

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