Best / Must Have Social Media Apps For Android

Within the last few years, social media has evolved. Things need to go viral asap and social media turns out to be a great spot. Users share news and information of all sort. As of May 2013, Facebook has more than a billion users. This is a huge number meaning people have first hand access to information. With advancements in smartphone app development, all media platforms have have developed more friendly mobile versions of their services.In this post, we share a list of some great social media apps, you’d want to have on your Android device. (regardless if you are a new user, or old).

Keeping in mind, Google Apps might be pre-installed on your device. All you need to do is integrate them with Google Account.

Google + / Google Hangouts

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Meet all your Google Plus needs with magazine style layout. Its simple and easy to user. The app comes with auto-backup feature for photos and videos. Install and integrate Hangouts, previously Google Talk to have conversations and free video calls with your contacts. A must have app for all Android users.

Download Google Plus

Download Hangouts (Google Talk)


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Tweet from your finger tips and share stories, pictures, and videos.

Download Twitter

Facebook / Facebook Messenger

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Facebook, as we all know of as the massive social media platform has Android downloads of more than 5 mils (with 9 zeros). The app has received good user reviews and is good enough for all the FB enthusiasts out there. Share updates, photos and videos as well as chat with friends and contacts via the Messenger. (which needs to be downloaded separately as an app).

Download Facebook

Download Facebook Messenger


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Pinterest, a pinning platform for all genres. A great application wit almost 5 star rating. Pinterest users can share pins with device camera apart from all the key features including viewing and searching pins, share pins etc.

Download Pinterest


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Capture and share your world with social contacts with Instagram. Its simple to use and is one of the famous photo sharing app on mobile platforms including iOS. The app comes with custom photo effects to further enhance your pictures. Again, a must have app. Install it, and you’d be surprised how many friends of yours use this app!.

Download Instagram


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Vine is a new service which allows users to share videos with contacts. The concept is similar to Instagram but involves motion picture instead of stills. Users have the ability to share posted vines on other networks. (A feature available on all apps).

Download Vine


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LinkedIn a famous network service which allows users to engage with professionals from different industries. Users of this service exceed 238 million globally in numbers. LinkedIn on mobile allows user to quickly find and connect, stay up to date with contacts, find jobs, industry news and learn about companies.

Download LinkedIn


Tango made a decent space in the social app market. Its a service which allows user to easily connect via text messages, voice calls and / or video calls. Connect, find your Tango friends and instantly make free voice and video calls.

Download Tango


Tumblr users can quickly post anything, share media, and  follow news feeds. Get access to more than 141 million blogs right from Tumblr mobile app.

Download Tumblr


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Find great places to go to, based on location with Four Square. Review places you plan to go to and write about places you have been to. Join in, because more than 35 million people check in globally using this app. A must have for all.

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Download FourSquare

Social Zone (ALL Social Networks)

social-zone social-zone1
Social Zone is all in one pack for Android. It includes all famous Social networks and is not limited to the numbers. Free Version supports  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Myspace, Youtube, Google Plus, Digg, LinkedIn, Xing, Foursquare, Reddit, Orkut, Flickr, Tagged, WordPress, Meetup, GetGlue, Zootool, Bitly, Deviant Art, Reverb Nation, Photobucket, Daily Motion, Weibo, imgur, Urban Spoon, Yelp, Plenty of Fish and goodreads. Users can purchase Social Zone for a dollar and get access to more social networks from one zone. Easy switch can be made between networks with a single tap.

Download Social Zone

Scope (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit)

scope2 scope1
Scope is slowly gaining name in Google Play Market. With its great visuals and performance, it can be a great platform for all social networks at one place. Currently it only supports famous networks but future updates can be seen for wider options. We recommend Scope if you are a hardcore Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user. User can create drafts, stay organized and do offline browsing. (Instagram has restriction, so users cant post content but they can view) A good download for all  your social network needs.

Download Scope

Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

seesmic1 seesmic2
Seesmic is made for Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the finest combo app available on Android for social media platforms. It comes with multiple account support, cross platform posting, notifications, media sharing, and widgets. If you’d like to manage and access your Twitter and Facebook from one platform, this might be worth trying.

Download Seesmic

Hopefully, nothing has been missed. Feel free to add app to the comment, which you think was worth while (adding to this list), yet we didn’t. We will give it a shot and if good enough, it would make its place to this list.

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