Best Password Generator Apps with Security

You always need a strong password. Common ones are not strong enough to be protected against hacks. In today’s life; passwords are essential to any service we are using such as social accounts, email, shopping services etc. Strong passwords can protect you against traditional password attacks. Using one strong password for multiple accounts is not useful at all. One attack can compromise many accounts. We are listing some of the best available password generator app which can enable you to generate strong passwords effectively.

Dashlane Password Generator


Dashlane is famous for its password management tool which comes with a built-in password generator (like others).  The service is attached to a price for multiple device syncs and can be used for free for a single device. Nonetheless; Dashlanes password generator web app is free and can be a good bookmark to keep for quick password generation. You can generate a strong password in a single click by defining the length and type such as letters, digits, and symbols.

Dashlane Password Generator

LastPass Password Generator


LastPass is another popular password management service that allows you to store all passwords in one account. On the web app, the password is generated using a javascript. You can define the password length and a formula for password creation.

LastPass Generate Password

Techzoom Password Generator


If you are due to a big task to update multiple accounts with strong passwords, techzoom password generator is the right solution. This simple password generator allows you to create multiple passwords (50 at maximum). You can define number and length, characters to be included, and format.

password generator

Strong passwords are usually long, random and unique. Its only possible to use a good password generator app to generate strong but unique passwords for all your account needs. Realistically, strong passwords cannot be stored on a piece of paper or notepad / word file. For multiple accounts, you should always consider using a password manager app (Dashlane and LastPass as mentioned here). You just need to remember one password, it’s secure and easily accessible from anywhere.