BlackBerry Traffic v2.0 now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry Traffic has not rolled up with a number of changes from their last released time. But still its Beta version v2.0 is released for us by Research Motion In. Those who are indulged in BlackBerry Beta Zone might be aware of this. Folks avail this opportunity and update your devices. You just need to login and crack it for latest things.

Here is the list of changes Beta Zone is done with.

BlackBerry Beta Version

  • Complete UI revamp – it has new User Interface with changed icons, color schemes and more.
  • Route selection screen – the old version was complaint by the user that they want to have more routes choice so this is done now. It is comprising of two route choices for getting towards your destination.
  • Future traffic view – you can use this feature for future traffic view by the selection of time given on the route selection screen. By this you can get the knowledge by visualizing the optimal departure time dependent on your forecasting traffic conditions.
  • Next maneuver drive view – the old simple view is turned into different displayed icon with large viewed fonts.
  • Search history – Search screen has different search terminologies through a drop down menu.




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