Saturday, September 26, 2020

Blog Outreach: An Email Template

Blog outreach as you all might know is a specific term that refers to pitching bloggers regarding your product or services latest release so that they review and give positive feedback to blog readers. It is a sort of Win-Win situation for both bloggers and product/services providers. Recently I had to write a short test task from one of clients regarding Blog Outreach. While googling an email template for writing blog outreach email I never could find any relevant email template; hence I decided to write one and to share with it all of other writers and bloggers so that it help them writing an appropriate Blog Outreach email.

Blog Outreach Email Template


My suggested blog outreach email template is as under.

Blog Outreach Email Template

Greetings / Opening Salutation

In first paragraph we praise their blog and then give formal Introduction of our company and show them our worth as we keep developing useful apps and software tools etc. What we can furthermore do is to tell them about other blogs that have previously covered our apps, software tools or other news.

In second paragraph we give information about our product and show them press release or some other link containing information (if available online). If our product / app hasn’t gone live, we state that it is not yet revealed to public.

In third paragraph we offer or suggest (instead of begging or requesting) them to review our product / app  as it will increase their blog worth (You approach in which we tell the other party about their benefits instead of showing that it will help both of us or something like this)

In fourth paragraph we tell them about our other useful apps or software tool updates which are not live yet.

In fifth or last paragraph we place ending words just like feel free to contact us etc.

Farewell expression and Name

Hope it will help you in writing an appropriate blog outreach offer email!


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