Should I Buy A Brand New Car Or A Used Car? [Automobile Tips]

I hope you don’t get bored by my automobile tips πŸ˜› after all I’m obsessed to automobiles now but you may not. Anyhow today I’m going to talk about factors that one should consider while thinking to buying a new car; he can buy a brand new car or can go for a used cars. So read the comparison and then do what best suits you!


Should I Buy A Brand New Car Or A Used Car? [Automobile Tips]

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To buy a car people have two options, to buy a brand new car instantly from the showroom or to buy a car previously owned by some one else i.e. used car. What may be the advantages and disadvantages in both cases? Well, both of the cases come with have some specific arguments by the one who makes the decision.

Marvelous β€˜brand new car smell’ is the one reason for people to go for brand new cars. But this feeling is attached with new cars only so some people go with brand new just because of this reason. It gives an exciting feeling to drive a car that actually is new and not only new for you.

Another reason could be the β€˜warranty’. For used car even if the warranty is effective when you buy it, there may be some problems that are no longer covered once the car is resold. This factor is important that cars warranty are for a limited time onlyΒ  So there is always a better warranty with a brand new car that is first to be derive by you.

An important consideration is β€˜resale value’ for the car. If you will be thinking to sell your car then there is a great chance to make more money of it as you are the first owner of the car and you can charge more money for your vehicle. So people who are buying it they wont be spending much money to buy it of it is to be sale for second time.

β€˜Safety’ is the issue worthy to consider. The satisfaction is there that you are taking home a car whose all parts are functioning properly and over all the car is in perfect condition. While buying a used car you don’t know about the various auto parts problems that may cause danger or car may be having a major issue that may end in a disaster.

As far as β€˜Price’ is concerned, used cars serve you best. Advantages attached are that used cars sells for 40% less money after three years and that is a considerable amount saved. You can spend that amount to buy some other things you wish to buy (go and get a stylish mobile you wish to buy for yourself or a brand new laptopJ).

β€˜Cost saving’ may be last but not the least factor. Brand new car will not need many trips to mechanic as all the car parts are in perfect condition. So this is the convenience attached with the brand new car. For used cars generally, auto parts start deteriorating and your car will need to visit the mechanic often which proves to be costly and tiresome.


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