Camera 360 Is A Free Android App For Photography Fanatics

Another entry in Android application world; I’m talking about  Camera 360. Good news for the ones who are passionate for photography. This application is photo software with numerous great functionalities. One  of the functions is for Effect Classification; it is a composition of different styles that enhance your photographs display. It has different translations interfaces to give users ease.

Camera 360 Is A Free Android App For Photography FanaticsThrough this application you can use your Android phone as a professional camera. It is available with different styles such as LOMO, HDR, axis shift, draft, and ghost; all these helps you in enhancement of your pictures and give better results. It also provides you with many shooting effects nearly 30 with 6 shooting modes, which are Effect Mode, Scenery Mode, Funny Mode, Tilt-shift Mode, Color-shift Mode and Normal Mode. You are free to choose any effect within a mode and can set parameters as well.

This application, furthermore gives you access to share your photos within your network of friends. You can download it for free. Waiting for what? Just click HERE to download this application.




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