Camera Streak Is An Android App For Capturing Moments [Free Android App]

Camera Streak Android App

Camera Streak is a free and fun app for Android version 2.2 and higher. You can unleash your photographic creativity with Camera Streak android App. Now a days youngster is more tend towards capturing the moments and this app will help them out to do it. This App lets you use your creativity and imagination in photography. Camera Streak enables you create revelation photographs and pictures with multiple exposure.

With Camera Streak app you can:

– Capture light streaks, or get all the action in one picture using burst mode.

– Different composite methods let you achieve different effects.

-Try the screen method to take pictures in very low light situations.

Go and grab some friends and some flash lights and let the fun begin. Camera Streak is an awesome and cool app for Android users. Android is always focusing on what is needed by its users. Thanks Android.

Streak operation does not currently work on Galaxy Tab.



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