Capsule Video: Collect & Create Videos in a Flash

Dances, songs, and sounds were the primary sources of viral content when short-form videos became popular. Nowadays brands are using short-form videos for marketing and to go viral. Marketing experts also rank short-form videos as one of the most effective social media trends. That’s where Capsule Video comes in.

Capsule Video allows teams to create stunning videos, no matter the audience, without any experience or expertise required. With this platform, you can make videos for your followers, prospects, customers, employees, and teammates.


What is Capsule Video?

Capsule is a crowdsourcing tool for creating videos. The platform assists businesses in the mass production of spectacular video content. Capsule’s end-to-end solution enables teams to make a professional-quality video for a fraction of the customary cost.

The app is trusted by Google, Salesforce, Snowflake, Instagram, and more. With it you have an all-in-one video solution with integrated video capture, branding and editing, and seamless sharing—no need for other apps or editing expertise.

Capsule is great for:

  • Virtual conferences
  • UGC campaigns
  • Product feedback
  • Product reviews
  • Occasions like graduations, birthdays, weddings
  • Community-based storytelling
  • Distributed content creation
  • Livestream audience engagements

How does Capsule Works?

Capsule connects communities to share, create and discover original videos. To create narrative-driven content, people can record video responses to your topics and questions using just a smartphone or webcam.

To use the app you will need to first select a template that can be customized to match your brand design by changing the logos, colors, buttons, backgrounds, and URLs. Then you need to pick out questions and prompts designed to get your customers or users talking.


To submit a response, the users will visit your custom Capsule URL to record and upload videos via their smartphone or PC. The URL can be modified to a custom domain for an extra fee. The videos have a max limit of 60 seconds only. This is to ensure a short-form video that keeps it concise and snappy.

Then you can select the responses you wish to include in the finished item, or “capsule.” Additionally, you will get access to the original video material for possible future use on social media. Capsule’s best feature is how it automatically edits the video in a flash. The platform adds and auto edits the video, adding music, graphics for the lower thirds, as well as pre-and post-rolls to make the video appear professionally produced.

Who is Capsule Best For?

Capsule Video is made for companies and brands eagerly searching for tools and platforms that will allow them to create original, short-form video content. This is because this type of content is becoming a fundamental way businesses market their services and products.

This video creation platform is best for mid-sized and enterprise organizations. Capsule Video is excellent for software & tech startups, non-profits, and higher education industries.


Capsule Video has four pricing plans, Free, Creator, Pro, and Enterprise. Each plan is directed at different users. The free is titled “Just for Fun” while the others are listed for solopreneurs, businesses, and for large brands respectively. The platform also offers a free 14-day trial of the Pro Plan.


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