Friday, September 25, 2020

Car Dashboard Is A Free Android App For Drivers!

It is no doubt to state that Google’s gift Android- mobile operating system and development platform, for all the mobile users is remarkable. Daily we see so many free applications for Android lovers; today I’m going to talk about Car Dashboard Free. This free Android app is a composite of car speedometer and Car home Dock replacement and is automatically starts up when placed in a car Dock with a magnet.

Car Dashboard Free Android App

It has various features that facilitate the user as much as it can. It has a speedometer with Speed alerts that has been customized by the speed, colors flashing and sounds. It provides you with a compass for detection of direction and aware you with Current location, temperature and altitude. The applications are available with different 20 customizable shortcuts that allow you to launch favorite applications, dial important numbers directly and navigate with common location areas. It also gives you speed alerts accurately with the help of GPS. It is free to download, do it right now and keep your safe from getting over speeding tickets!



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