Castle Warriors Is A Cool Android 3D Game

If you are a kind of person who loves to make strategies and define different approaches in your work or routine life, then I’ve got good news for you all! An Android game in the name of Castle Warriors is nice, highly enjoyable and attractive strategy game for a broad range of players. If you enjoyed Galcon then Castle Worrier will be a lovely 3D twist to the game play.

Castle Warriors Is A Cool Android 3D Game

Queen Mynera rules a beautiful land which is in pretty danger because of some dreadful and wicked enemies. You will have to play the game as you are the only one who can save the land. You will be leading your armies against evil forces. You need to define your own plan of action and finer strategy against ogres, trolls, goblins and demons. You will lead armies of warriors, warlords, veterans and even giants. To claim victory you need to be sharp and use timely tactics as well to gain advantage over the evil hordes.

Features of the Castle Warrior:
-Supports App2SD

-Simple touch controls

-12 battlefields linked in a campaign

-Difficulty modes to suit your style of play

-Castles that upgrade during the battle, with new capabilities and defenses

Castle Warrior is entertaining, pretty addicting and incredibly fun. It is available to you for $2.99 only.




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