Catch A Ghost Game For Android Users

Catch a Ghost, an Android game was designed by Paul Schreiber. It’s a simple and fun action game released by Unity for Android platform. Game is based on the idea of Halloween and all you need to do is to catch the ghosts as they are trying to escape the cemetery. The more ghosts you catch, the more you score. The ghosts fly up from the bottom of the screen, simply drag or swipe your finger over the ghosts to keep them from escaping to the top.

The difficulty level keeps on rising when the ghosts explode after they are caught. The higher the difficulty, the faster the ghosts start flying and the few lives you have to spare. The more ghosts you catch, the more you score. While playing this game you will fee your self a hero character like a Spiderman or a Superman. Yoohhhh. Nice!

This interesting Ghost Catching Game is available to you for only 0.99$.




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