China Starts Building A Mega IT City For Cloud Computing In Collaboration With IMB

China the most populous country of the world has become a super power now. Enormously developed this Asian giant is emerging in the field of technology too – specially in Smartphone and Computer industry. Recently ComputerWorld revealed that China is building a huge cloud computing data center and office complex which will look like a huge IT city.

Covering an area of 6.2 million square feet this huge IT city will play a very promoting and strong role for the Chinese economy. It will be a collaborative development by IBM and China-based Range Technology Development Co.  Not so surprisingly it is said as the biggest data center of Asia and will also be on a prominent place among world’s big data centers.

IDC a famous market research company says that total cost of this project will be around $112 billion according to this year economical and interest conditions. This IT city is going to be built in Hebei province and will take approximately 4 years to complete this mega project.

[via: ComputerWorld]

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