Saturday, September 26, 2020

Has Chrome Really Become Speedier, Simpler And Safer?

Chrome is here with even more speed, formerly Lars Bark a Google engineer showed his confidence in chrome that it has outstanding performance in terms of speed if compared with its rivals. The reason simply the mighty V8 java script engine of chrome that accelerates like a Pontiac GTO who’s going to challenge it, is still a question.

Even the most cumbersome applications chrome can handle without any problem and with the updated release the experience even got better. But that’s not the only valuable feature in the new chrome, the new chrome is even simpler with even more accessibility freedom, and the simplicity is the heritage of Google so does the chrome speak for it.

Google Chrome Blog Speedier Simpler And Safer

Now you can access bookmarks and browser settings without any problem because there is a settings search bar. You type something about settings you want to change in that box and it give you suggestions , so you can jump on the suggestions to save time, isn’t that wonderful.

But the story doesn’t end here, one of the most useful features of this release is the synchronization of passwords it offers between different computers you use and if you want more security you can encrypt passwords with a phrase .For accessing this feature go to settings and type “sync” in search box. Remember you can also use this feature for bookmarks, extensions, preferences, and themes etc.

But Google isn’t offering you just speed, they know most car crashes do happen in top gear, for that they added extra safety , the power of sandboxing technology keeps malicious pages out of your reach . Mostly you get benefit if you are using windows vista or above.

[ VIA: Google Chrome Blog]

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