Clear Apps And Storage Space Visually With Disk Usage For Android

Disk Usage is a free Android app which helps you visually see storage space. Some might be thinking, big deal? It does that in a visual manner by scanning your device. It finds all the files and directories on phone and storage.  A diagram display files and app directories on phone and SD storage.

By zooming in, the storage size becomes visible and minor directories become visible and vice versa. The app is simple and stands for its name.Thought the only available options are storage and app selection (device or SD card), application files (apk), data allocation and consumption, and cache for apps. Press menu to gain access to these actions.

Other controls includes software renderer which changes the tone to ‘negative’, search, rescan and filter by apps. storage type, application files and data. If you have root access, the app would be able to lay down deep core files and directories.

Do give this app a try to visualize amount of data consumed by files and folders created by apps.


Download Disk Usage

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Or download from Android Market

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