Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Clear Cache From System / Apps / SD Card With Cache Mate For Android


Cache Mate is a new tool discovered from Android Market. It is strictly available for Root Users. The reason is simple, to clear up all caches created by apps, browsers and usage. It does so by gaining root access to system files, applications and memory card. User can clear cache with one quick click and can schedule it as well. Power Clean allows you to get common cache from all apps installed on your device. The app comes in a free and full version($1), which gives you more caches, one touch widget for home screen and ad removal.

We tested it and worked neatly towards cache removal. Reviews by consumers from Android Market are quite positive as well. The developers of this app are willing to make the app go open source for better development and deployment. Too bad, its only for root users. But again, key access to Android system core can sometimes only be gained by having a full root of device. Which does benefit sometimes, when apps like Cache Mate are available in Market.

Download Cache Mate

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or download from Android Market

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