One Click, And Your Motorola Xoom Gets Rooted

If you own the Wi-Fi version of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb touting Motorola Xoom tablet and want to root your device. Excitingly, you can do this without going through the command line, with the help of a smart little App. All that it involves is. But to do so you will, in the end, will be responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused in case anything goes wrong, but if you wish to give it a go you can grab all that’s required from the XDA guys. And many of us are aware that rooting your Motorola Xoom or any other device will void the warranty. Tricky!

Motorola Xoom Rooting

There are two files you can choose to install; One installed file allows for rooting the Xoom (much smaller file as compared to the second one), Second file allows you to root and unroot your device (larger in size). The Wi-Fi-only Xoom method has been untested, and currently cannot be unrooted. 3G Xoom users can also update to the latest build HRI66 with just one click.

To get started:

–        Go into Settings > Applications> Development> and make sure that USB Debugging has been checked.

To use (Windows only):

–        Download the file of your choice

–        Unzip the file to a directory.

–        Double click on the RootMyXoom EXE file

–        Follow the instructions.

And that’s it! You are done with the Rooting for your Motorola Xoom.



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