Clock Sync Android: Sync Device System Time With Atomic Time

Now you can easily sync system time with the atomic time on one of your many devices. A quick overview for what is atomic time? According to Wikipedia ” it is a clock that uses an electronic transition frequency in the microwave, optical or ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms as frequency standard for its timekeeping element”. Confusing! even for us. To keep it simple for everyone including us, its the most accurate time known and is used as a basic standard for international time distribution services, helping to control frequencies of television broadcasts and GPS systems.

ClockSync is an app available on Android platform which will sync system clock with atomic time from web through Network Time Protocol. It is definitely useful in every way; be it your providers useless support or your self trying to be time-perfect and time-accurate!. The app is easy to use with available automatic sync, statistics and accuracy of 1 to 20 ms depending on speed and server. The app is available in two modes, root and rootless users.

Finally the app is neat and easy to use with different color schemes. It detects the time zone and adjusts it based on location.

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