Make Your Cloud Storage Easier With CloudaTag


Tag Cloud is a visual depiction of tag, a keyword or term assigned to data (photos, videos, etc.). You can make your data organized, data management easier with this software. It  makes real-time view/edit cloud data as easy as accessing local data.

You can make your storage faster, cheaper and way more secure. Just place your media, be it pictures and videos on the map. And you’d be able to see the world of tags in the Geotag cloud. Users can edit photos online on this software as well. i.e. Adjust exposure, brightness, color intensity, saturation, balance and more.


Tags can be added, renamed, mapped, deleted and attached to data. Signup is easy and free on Cloudatag. Cloudatag supports almost all formats of image and video. Support for formats is to come in the future according to developers.

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