Use Clutch Pad Android App For Advanced Task Switching

Clutch pad gives you a fantastic opportunity to add a small button at any side of your screen that allows you to perform actions with simple swipe gestures. Clutch Pad has a very small, transparent semicircle to the side of your screen (which you can show or hide at your will) that you can press or swipe up, down, left, and right on to perform actions. You can view recently used apps, open your last used app with a quick swipe, go back to the home launcher, or even view a list of favorite apps. It gives a touch of a navigator to your Android handset.

Use Clutch Pad Android App For Advanced Task Switching

We can see how it works?

  • Surface button:

Clutch pad has a surface button; your click will activate its functioning. It appears in form of a little circle attached to any side of the wall, you can select it and swipe it in various directions to let it complete task.

  • Events:

It refers to the task which you want to get completed by using the Clutch Pad. If you want to activate your favorite application while using Clutch pad, you just need to swipe it in any direction. Other event- if you want to see your recent applications you can tap your surface button.

  • Visual tweaks:

You can change the color of the surface buttons by customizing its entire look. Even you can place it anywhere you like.

Clutch Pad is a $1.99 Download for Android devices. Download it from HERE .

[via: Droid-Life]



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