Configure / Clean Status Bar App Notifications For Android

A number of apps installed on one device do pile up towards something annoying on the home-screen. Being the first on row, are the notifications. i.e. you have installed a game and notification appears telling you to gain bonus, or check out your friend who has just joined the same app. Some might be least interested and these alerts appearing on the status bar could be irritating for them, at times. After all, there is a way to remove this unwanted spam off your status bar. Much thanks to developers at XDA, a tool is available in Google Play Store namely NotifyClean. As the name says it all, it allows user to configure status bar notifications and remove the unwanted, troublesome and annoying ones.

Users can configure apps which are allowed to show notifications on status bar. A list is maintained for all created notifications. User can control access to specific notifications coming from an app. Its simple to use, and clean. From the launch of Jelly Bean OS version, users have the ability to control the display of notifications based on app. NotifyClean comes in at the right spot allowing user to do so from one place.

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On the not-so-fortunate side, (for all users at-least), you’d need Xposed Module installed on a rooted device. Its a framework which allows ROM modding. This app was able to do what it stands for!. We tested this device on Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, both running custom Cyanogen Mods. The app works well but it could be a bit more intuitive in graphics. The logo itself (with a music symbol) and pixelated blue-red notifications marks are not the best ones.

Apart from the looks, the app does fulfill what its suppose to do. If you are using a rooted device with custom ROM running, do give it a try. Let the status bar relax and walk away from all unwanted notifications.

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