Contacts Plus: Android Address Book App With Google, Twitter And Facebook Integration

Our smart devices are loaded with contacts. And that too, not in the same instance. They could be located anywhere, highly-likely in different applications, and networks. We have got social friends which are not limited to Twitter and Facebook, and then the list continues for email contacts. The address books keeps on expanding and has no end point. With the advancement in technology and the pace of time, tasks are required to be done more efficiently and quickly as possible.  Android users can enjoy the wonders of Contacts+.  Why? because its the smarter way to organize all your contacts and manage them from one instance, one application. App is available free of cost from Google Play Store and has received great reviews by users.

The interface of the application is simple. Tablet version is more enhanced in its own way. On the smartphone version, a simple screen, with quick access to messages, contacts and dialer is visible. A quick tap on ‘All Contacts’ would allow user to view contacts based on accounts. Quick sync of the app allows it to access all accounts on the device and sync the contacts in the address book. Just like normal address book, user can set custom view, which would only show desired contacts.

Screenshot_2014-02-22-17-14-09 Screenshot_2014-02-22-17-14-44

User can tap the contact and access all associated social connectivity for that contact. Contacts + is easy to install and configure. Different styling options can be set by accessing the settings. Configurable items include theme, picture size, picture frame and contact visibility (list or grid). Further more, user can enable birthday notifications, call confirmation and gesture search; which allows user to search contacts by drawing letters on the screen.

Screenshot_2014-02-22-17-16-02 Screenshot_2014-02-22-17-21-27

It allows user to import all sort of contacts which are not limited to Google, into one account and easily manage them. Social integration becomes very handy for Contacts+ user because information can be pulled from different social media networks in one address book. It further adds user profile pictures from networks such as Google +, Facebook and Twitter. App comes in with a default dialer and messaging application which will allow users to efficiently use their address book without leaving the application. More features include: merging of duplicate contacts, long press functionality to easily dial or message contact, sync contacts on multiple devices, theme availability, home screen widget and of course, a birthday reminder.

Screens from Tablet view (courtesy: Contacts + Google Play)



Download Emoji Plugin for Contacts + and get access to all Emojis in the messaging service.

On the end note, Contacts + is a great address book app which rolls around the niche of social integration. It senselessly integrates all accounts into one address book. The goal of this application is well defined which meets user needs in a simple yet ‘very’ integrated way. The app receives frequent updates and the team seems committed to providing the best. Contacts + is doing well on Google Play Store with more than 5 million downloads.

We tested this application on Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. Overall, its one heck-of-a address book for social media enthusiasts.

Download Contacts + for Android