Thursday, September 24, 2020

Control / Manage Android Audio With Quick Profiles And Shortcuts

Volume controls on Android platform are independent and work differently. If you end up muting your device using the hardware buttons, any unintentional tap on media player or app can make it go loud which is not going to be a great moment what so ever!. This calls in for full management towards Android Audio. Audroid, jumps in for all audio control needs. This Android app still in development and translations process does what it says!. Profiles can be created with different audio levels for each one of them. 6 Audio levels include system, voice call, ring, notification, alarm and music volume. Adjustments can be made and saved for each defined profile. A simple app with easy to use functionality and process.


Audroid is available in a free and Pro version ($1.35). Free version allows you to create a single profile where as the pro version gives you unlimited profiles and creation of quick profile widgets on the home screen.

imageDownload Audroid

– Search Audroid in Android Market
– Scan the QR Code (pro version)

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