Control Start-Up / Boost Performance With System Tuner For Android

Smartphones are surely acting up as great personal devices. Some devices come with basic managers on stock firmware. Yet, there is plenty to download from Google Play Store. These managers come with task managers, backup and restore options,  system usage statistics and more. System Tuner (free and paid version) is a great package among those Android manager apps. It is a system suite which allows users to monitor, record and analyze system activities with system features, widgets and notifications optimization. The app is still new but has good reviews overall based on performance and battery consumption.

Optimize Performance with System Tuner for Android

System Tuner For Android
System Tuner For Android

CPU manager features work only for rooted devices. Users can tweak CPU settings. Kill apps automatically or manually and view app details based on memory and SD. Backup, restore and uninstall user apps from Application Manager. Keep in mind, only .apk files are backed up. It can turn out to be great if your device is rooted. Extra features would be granted, such as: freezing and unfreezing the app, removing the app from start-up etc.

System Tuner For Android

Activity recorder allows user to record activities include apps, process, and device state. Detailed Log reader displays logs with filters and clear options. Users can save scripts, run existing scripts, run commands as Super User (root only) and keep a history of commands from the Terminal Emulator.

System Tuner For Android

Another great option for Root users is a system tweaker. Boost performance by doing quick tweaks on SD cache size and adjust auto-kill memory settings. Users can also set notifications and create widgets. Download and give it a try. System Tuner for Android is still new but the effort put into it is clearly visible in terms of usability for root and non-root users.

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