Monday, September 28, 2020

CPU Tuner : Save Android Battery With Profiles And Triggers

Ollaaa Android Rooted device users, CPU Tuner is worth giving a shot! Head towards market and download it. For new readers, CPU Tuner is an app which allows you to save the best possible battery power. It does so by using certain profiles and triggers with available updated statistics. In other words, it helps you set triggers depending on battery life (full, low and critical). These triggers would automatically activate once a certain battery life threshold is reached.

You can control services such as data connectivity, background syncs, WiFi, location and bluetooth. Once all the controls are configured, they can be changed by a quick tap from the main (‘current’ tab) screen.

CPU Tuner is a neat app, meant only for rooted devices! For valid reasons! If you have recently rooted your device and are looking for a tool based app to save battery, feel free to try this app. Its neatly built and does what it says!.

qrcodeDownload CPU Tuner (Root)

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Or download from Android Market


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