Craiyon – AI Image Generator

There are many AI (Artificial Intelligence) based image creators or generators. Taking a step back, what do they generally do? They will generate an image based on some prompt after processing the AI model. The AI model is trained with Google TRC.

In this article, we are sharing an AI image generator which is free to use. How is it kept free given it needs a lot of computing power? it is supported via ads to manage that reoccurring cost.

Craiyon - AI Image Generator

Upon landing the site, populate ‘what do you want to see’ to generate some results. It will take some time to process based on the keyword prompt. Upon doing a search of the term ‘mountains’ it took 2 minutes to generate 9 images (image below). You can select the images to preview them. They were in quite low resolution.

ai image rain windows xp background

Lastly, these 9 were created with the ai image generator via the prompt ‘rain Windows XP background‘. It did add the aspect of rainy and dark clouds. Image 7 is intense – it’s a storm basically. Great results! Premium access is expected to launch soon. The web app does give a reference to that with the newsletter call-out. Craiyon also has an Android app available on Google Play.

We enjoyed using and reviewing it. Let us know what you think.

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