CrashReporter Lets You Quickly Troubleshoot iOS Jailbreak Issues

While Jail breaking your iOS device, it feels that a magic box has opened. CrashReporter is a great help available for free to identify a problem and counteract it and get all the things settle down again. CrashReporter is an application that can be downloaded for free from Cydia and can be used like any other app and you will be ready to face any disaster striking. CrashReporter will let you boot in safe mode and your home screen will look like exploded, when you have a crash. CrashReporter will open and check the logs especially if you are having lots of folders.

CrashRerporter Helps You Quickly Troubleshoot iOS Jailbreak Issues

CrashReporter is not limited to feed your crash logs only as it will also suggest possible culprits. These suggestion guides can be used by going into Cudia to manage installed packages. Crash may be the result of something that you installed, and after viewing the package page for latent offender, just tap the Modify button to remove it from your iOS device. Once done, restart and if your are no longer in same mode the problem have been solved.

[ VIA : LifeHacker ]




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