Create And Mix Vocals, Music With Songify For iPhone / iPad / iTouch

We went on a hunt to find the most entertaining app on the App store and we found a surprise winner. Sing hello with Songify! Literally! This is a very intelligent iOS app that does this job beautifully. Songify is a very simple yet genuinely amazing app. The app loads with one big record button on the app’s main screen and you record any phrase of your liking by speaking into the built in mic. Once you stop the recording, Songify will automatically change the speech into a song with different high and low pitches and some super nice beats. That’s it you have Songified your voice into an awsome song. You will be amazed how well this app works.


There are several themes you can choose from. Three of the themes come for free whereas you can buy additional theme packs from within the app. Prices are very decent too with only 0.99 cents for a Pop/ Rock pack.


I have been trying this out and so far its just been tons of laugh. One good tip will be to record your speech in small segments rather than run on sentences. Songify can work better this way, however, what you do with this app is only limited to what your mind can imagine and your lips can speak.

I know it sounds very blunt but i assure our WT Readers, this is one free App that would definitely not disappoint you. It’s free on the Apple App Store for a limited time so get it ASAP!


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