Create Animated 3D Shapes For UI Projects and Backgrounds

animated 3d shapes backgrounds

In this post, we are sharing the Loops package. What is Loops? It provides designers and developers 4k high-quality renders of animated 3D abstract shapes with colors. Loops package includes looped videos, static images and editable files for Blender and Figma. To see Loops in action explore the live site. Visually observe the seamless animated 3D shapes with an infinite loop. Types of shapes include flying balls, tunnels, metaball, and blobs.

Make Animated 3D shapes and Backgrounds

Centre, background image, right side feature text, header text over, left side feature text, big type is good and split-screen mode is available compositions. Good utilization examples would be promotional sites and backgrounds for landing pages, portfolios, presentations, social media, and app development.

example of Loops animated shape.

To try out – download the free version. Design assets are well optimized for the web. The package includes a single looped video, looped video with transparent background, clay color, 3840 x 2160 resolution and is 30 FPS. Available formats include Figma, MP4, MOV, PNG, JPG and Blender. The paid version is $48 and it includes 29 looped videos, and 42 static backgrounds compared to 1 in the free version. This would be worth a try for your upcoming UI project or that fancy hero banner you need to design for a single-page application project.

Access Loops

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