Create Custom Vibrations Patterns For Contacts With Vybe For Android

Many people just like myself, have their smartphones on Vibrate Profile for certain reasons. In Android and other smart platforms, applications have their custom vibrations patterns by default. So when the device is vibrating, you know what to expect! It was always felt that vibration patterns should have full customization controls based on user requirements.

Users who are running their devices with customized ROM are enjoying this great feature for sure. Stock users can enjoy Vybe. It is available free of cost from Play Store. Users can create customized vibration patterns for contacts. As a result, users can feel their calling without even looking at their devices. Developers state that it’s really easy to use. Simply create a vibration, assign it to a contact, test it and save it.

custom vibrations for android


Custom Vibrations and Patterns for Contacts

The steps are simple. Start recording, tap and register vibration sequence and save it. Users can instantly set the newly created vibration pattern as default or assign it to a specific contact. Patterns can be created and applied to more than one contact by quick selection. Vibration patterns can be created, saved and later on retrieved from an available list. Settings allow users to enable vibrations for calls and SMS notifications. Vybe comes in with a quick start-up guide which will instantly teach you the whole process in some easy steps.

custom vibrations for android


Vybe has received great reviews so far among consumers. And after successfully testing this application on Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Nexus 4, it can be said that Vybe surely lets users create custom vibration patterns in some easy steps with the simplest interface possible. It comes with this existing concept but is refined well enough to meet user needs. Download and give it a try.

update: The app doesn’t exist anymore on Google Play Store.

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