Create Free 3D Models And Export STL / OBJ / DAE File Formats [Online Tool]

According to the developers, ‘3D Modelling has never been easier’! and when we tested it out, we were thinking the same. Today we list another great tool for our readers called 3D Tin. It is an online modelling tool which requires basic WebGL support available in browsers like Chrome and Firefox. This tool consists of a neat interface which allows you to select different 3D shapes from a template library. Users can open, save, import and export files of variable formats which can be later on imported in other modelling tools. Premium membership gives you access to online cloud storage, better saving options and access to templates.

Click here to access 3D Tin

*** 3D Tin is no longer available and the URL is redirected to Tinkercad. Click here to find out more.


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