Create Personalized Illustrations With DesignStripe (Review)

design stripe
design stripe

What is Designstripe

Designstripe is an amazing Illustration library that lets you create beautiful illustrations without any skills or design expertise. You can create enticing and attractive graphics with this innovative SaaS without the need for comprehensive design training. The library is ever-growing and new designs are added periodically. The editor is web-based and works online. It offers intelligent variations for templates as well as smart sliders to adjust styles and visuals. The illustrations are also hand-designed and offer something for every category.

How Does it Work?

design stripe

The software allows you to create wonderful designs through an easy-to-use interface. The customization tools are very user-friendly. Designstripe allows you to edit the scene freely. You can add and remove design elements without any hassle. All the while, preserving the beauty of the scene.

DesignStrip allows users to work when developing new palettes. You may choose the perfect look and feel to go with your brand. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience which is based on machine learning. That way you can easily access your file from any device. You have complete control over the physical assets used by your business.

What Makes Designstripe Great?


The web-apps range of easy-to-use and powerful customization tools is what makes it stand out as a SaaS. While Designstripe’s offering isn’t something new, it’s still unique in its own way. Here are some of the key factors which make it such an interesting and useful piece of software:

  • It allows you to swap and modify all objects in a design scene. Without damaging its beauty of it. Designstripe’s ingenuity makes sure that all elements magically fit and work in the scene.
  • The app features a detail controller with which you can control the level of detail your elements have in the scene. Want to go minimal? slide left for the barest of accents in your design. Prefer complex and detailed? slide right and add accents and outlines which make your scene stand out!
  • The look and feel feature of the app allows you to modify the color fill of your objects. This will help you match your brand style perfectly!

Designstripe Pricing

Designstripe offers three pricing plans. Free, Individuals, and teams. Its free plan allows you to play with one illustration style only. But you can customise it in a variety of ways. The free plan file is downloadable in PNG and JPG formats. The free plan is also great for trying out the software to see if it fits your needs and whether or not the paid plans will be suitable for your work.

The individuals plan is currently priced at 20$ per month and it has a lot more to offer. You have full access to the illustration library. In this plan, you get unlimited access to all styles along with full scene customization. This paid plan allows you to download files in SVG, PNG, and JPG formats.

The team’s plan is for companies and organizations. At the time of writing, it hasn’t launched yet, but hopefully will soon. This plan offers custom team assets along with multi-user support. It also has the feature of unified branding and colors. We will know more about this plan once it goes live.


What Can Be Improved?

While Designstripe has a lot to offer, there are still a few improvements to be made. I felt the free plan to be too restrictive and adding a few more illustration styles would really make it shine. They also need to launch the Teams option so businesses and organizations can fully avail it. Nonetheless, it is a great piece of software that is highly recommended for those wanting to design quality illustrations without spending much time or skills.

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