Create Shaped Text Clouds By Using Tags Or Words With Tagxedo

imageWhat’s done in this picture above? You see a number of different tags in a shape of a mug. Tagxedo lets you do that. Simply load words from a unique url or enter them yourself. Do adjustments  in terms of color, theme, font, orientation and over all layout. There are number of different shapes available and self made shapes (images) can also be uploaded and edited. Tagxedo is Microsoft Silverlight based utility and works like a charm. Zoom into the text by using the zoom tool and you can see the sharp results which can be used in presentations, wallpapers, flyers, posters and what not!.

imageSaving options are great! Jpegs or PNG with maximum 16MB of size for higher resolution.Sharing can be done via Facebook, Twitter and creating a gift.

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Yes, another example!


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