Create Social Images For Any Platform With Snappa

There are various online custom social media banner creation tools available in market. Some get a bit complex and complicated in terms of user experience. In this article, we proudly share Snappa. It’s an addition to our growing web apps lists. It allows user to create and export professional social images in under a minute. Yes that quick!. App has interesting features that definitely make it stand out within its domain.

Not long ago, we reviewed It gives users templates for specific social platforms and sizes. Snappa being the editor app – gives user the required template settings as a selection criteria. These include Facebook cover photo, event photo, carousel ad, link ad, posts and links, Instagram posts and story, LinkedIn post, Twitter post, Pinterest Pin, YouTube thumbnail, channel art, end screen, twitch panel, cover image and offline banner, and a lot more. Moving on to the review of Snappa.

Snappa, a professional tool that allows users (professional or starter) to create graphics for social media, blogging, and advertising. Advanced features offering lets user create professional banners for any platform. These include adding text to photo, background remover, image blur, image crop and flip, image resize and rotate, photo editor and adding speech bubbles. It is super easy to use and comes with a lot of templates and visual assets to get your started.

After sign up, an introductory video will be presented as a walk through wizard. It helps any level of user get started and familiarized with Snappa. The landing page of the app is ‘to the point’. You can quickly create a custom graphic size by defining width and height. Or simply pick from available templates with pre-defined dimensions for different platforms. Templates are categorized for social media posts, blogging and infographics, headers, banners, profile pages and social display ads. For a social media team – this is a a good package and will save lots of time.

After selecting the specific size from categories, you can visually see featured templates. Select a template and editor will launch (you can always skip this by just defining a width and height – and launching the editor directly). The editor is very smooth and actions are seamless. The graphics do give out a vector feel – which is always a big plus. Add backgrounds as photo, pattern, color or upload your own and apply effects to them.

Next up – you can add three types of text: heading, subheading and body text. All of them give same configuration options. Import custom fonts buy adding a font in text options. If the upload is successful – it will be visible in fonts list. Add graphics to your design of all sorts including icons, vectors, photos and uploading your own. Quick editor tools include undo, redo, delete, grid, snap to grid, save, share and download. As each item is identified as a layer – they can be moved up and down as needed. This comes handy as a quick web app editor control.

In terms of export – download web optimized JPG, high-res PNG, Retina JPG and Retina PNG. All available downloads can be with or without transparent background. Make sure to save graphic as you go by – as the app currently doesn’t have auto save (as per the runs we did).

Free version gives you access to 6000+ templates, stock photos & graphics and 3 downloads per month. Pro version, kicks it up by offering unlimited downloads, social integrations, and custom font uploads. Snappa has a great knowledge base for starters. Above all, it includes videos, documentation around usage and FAQs. The way Snappa is evolving, users should expect decent updates in terms of new features and enhancements. Snappa is definitely a promising tool in its space. Do leave a comment if you have tried it already.

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