Cricket WorldCup 2011 – Live Android App For Cricket Fanatics!

Cricket has now become a game of craze around the globe with a remarkable audience of over 2.3 billion viewers. Cricket World Cup 2011 is an Android app for cricket fans to follow the ball by ball action with all the latest world cup action, scores, and live updates as the app unfolds on your android app. Cricket World Cup 2011 is a user-friendly and self explanatory app as there are no hidden settings behind the menu button, to satisfy even the most die-hard cricket fans.

Cricket Worldcup 2011 Live Android AppThe main features of this fast, easy to use Cricket World Cup 2011 App are as below:

-Stay updated with Live ODI scores, news and matches on the go

-Live cricket commentary with the sport’s most distinguished commentators

-Cricket World Cup Twitter Feed of your favourite players

-Notifications for upcoming matches to your calendars so that you don’t miss any crucial match

-Point tables for each group, with detailed stats for each group

-Pictures and lists of all the stadiums and lists of matches to be played there

Cricket World Cup 2011 is a reliable, free and pretty solid app companion to the biggest sporting event of 2011.

Download it from this LINK . If you kind of hate ads on your mobile screen, you need to buy the ad-free version which is just for $2.91.




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