Custom Cursor: Chrome Extension And Windows App (Free)

Smart devices – we tend to rely on touch or smartpens to interact. The most common interaction is with touch. Consumer devices are becoming touch-friendly by default now. We do need the traditional cursor when using conventional machines. Working as a software engineer, these conventional machines become a key to earning, skill enhancements and learning. Cursor design, configurations and customization have been crucial for users who don’t want to stick with the default design.

Windows allows you to customize the cursor and configurations around it. It gives you more control. You can select a cursor, change cursor size and colour and download cursor packs. It can get a bit tricky at times. Here we are sharing a more simplified solution for Windows. You simply install an app and apply cursor packages as needed. There are tons of free packages available to select from. We bring you a review of, Custom Cursor available on Windows and as a Chrome browser extension.

Chrome Extension

Custom Cursor has an awesome Chrome Extension. This is useful if you don’t want to download the Windows app or more so are not a Windows user and would like to have custom cursors on the Chrome browser. The extension is super easy to use. Upload cursors and manage them. You can create a custom cursor using Constructor. Choose a cursor, and pointer and create a package.

Custom Cursor: Chrome Extension And Windows App (Free)

Explore Custom Cursor

Windows Extension

Download and install the Custom Cursor app to explore Windows features. App has a simple design. On the main screen – a set of available and installed cursor packages will be visible. You can apply these packages and manage them.

Settings allow you to set cursor size, app language, notifications and Windows startup check. Lastly, the on/off icon on the menu – will return to default Windows cursor settings. To add new cursor packages; go to the custom-cursor collection and click the add button. A notification will appear in the browser stating ‘Cursor Package Lamborghini Installed’. From browser extension settings – the newly added package can be applied now.

custom cursor chrome windows

Download Custom Cursor for Windows

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