Custom Signatures With Email Signature Generator

Email signatures are important as they become the perfect opportunity to brand every email being sent. It reinforces who you are as a company, and as a brand. For effective communication, email signatures are considered imperative. What is an email signature? A simple combination of words is embedded in the conclusion of an email message. However, this combination includes outgoing links such as email and social links. All email services allow users to create, save, and use email signatures. They are added to an email message with a single click. Email signatures need to show professionalism and recognition and need to act as digital business cards. This is where the email signature generator comes into play. In this article, we are sharing a few free email signature generator web apps which allow email signature creation within a minute.

Signature Hound Email Signature Generator

Signature Hound is the first one on our list. It is a dedicated signature creation and management platform that has a lot to offer. Create signature designs using custom templates and share via email and CSV with white-label branding. In addition, this service went completely free in 2021.

Custom Signatures With Email Signature Generator

MySignature Signature Generator

Another dedicated signature generator on the web is It allows users to create intuitive email signatures by using free and paid templates. Users can upload images (for logo and banner usage). Moreover, users can manage created signatures from the account dashboard. Above all, the Pro plan allows pro template usage, advanced customisation, signature management and premium support.

Custom Signatures With Email Signature Generator

Email Signature Generator

More free and easy-to-use email signature generators

In the end, here are quick steps around how to add signatures to different email services.

Add Custom Signature to Gmail

To add the generated signature to Gmail, from the Gmail account – click the gear icon. From the dropdown, click the See all settings button. Scroll to the signature section from the General tab and click Create new icon. Paste the HTML code (copied already) here and save changes from the bottom of the page. That’s it – you have successfully added your signature to Gmail.

Add Custom Signature to Outlook

To add generated signature to Outlook, click the gear icon from the account’s top right corner. Click View all Settings. Now go to Mail settings and select Compose and reply. Email signature settings will show up. Add a signature name and paste the HTML code here. Set your added signature as default and save.

Add Custom Signature to Apple Mail

To add generated signature to Apple mail – navigate to app Menu from the top light corner of the Mail app and select Preferences. Select the Signatures tab and click the ‘+’ icon to add a new signature. Paste the HTML code here and save it.

To avoid any issues, ensure to set the default signature and/or move them to required accounts as per the email service requirements and usage. (Signatures tab in Apple Mail allows users to add signatures to specific accounts from the left menu)

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