Cutomize / Manage Android Start-up Apps And Settings Easily

Cutomize / Manage Android Start-up Apps And Settings EasilyIf you have been looking for a way to control your start up apps and settings without doing any root tweaks to your device, Startup Manager for Android is worth a quick test. Head down to the bottom of the post, scan the QR and give it a try. It is a start-up management tool which shows you in detail which apps and processes are running when the system starts up.

Users have access to disable apps and settings from start-up by simply tap right in front of the app / setting name. Details can be found by tapping the title name and customization can be done for start-up as well. Add up your favorites apps / settings which you want at Android start-up by tapping the customize tab at the top. This Android app supports all devices including tablets.


Download Startup Manager by searching in Android Market or scanning the QR Code.


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