Data Privacy Infographic -Companies Admit to Collect About You

Privacy has been a general concern among the public all over the world. It has been intense in developed countries where ‘ways to operate and do things have been automated and moved to the world wide web. This is not limited to tools used but also services i.e. banking, shopping, government services etc. Privacy concerns have been there for a while – it’s not a piece of net new information. Though the intensity increases as there is mainstream news about data breaches, tech companies collecting user data, and black web data sales.

This awesome yet simplified graphic posted on CoolInfographics highlights ‘types of data’ major tech companies admits to collecting in their privacy policies. (Majority of users don’t tend to read through these privacy policies and simply hit ‘accept’ but there is a lot more to it). Have a read-through and see what data the big six have on you (Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft). Last but not least; this is a type of data these companies admit to collecting.

This data privacy infographic is a simple visualization which caters for all types of users. As a good practice; we should always read through the privacy policies of any service we are utilizing. Many might argue that there is nothing called ‘privacy’ in today’s advanced era but at minimum, we should be aware of what these policies say and what is being collected.

Data Privacy Infographic

data privacy infographic about what big companies collect about users.
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