Saturday, September 19, 2020

Defragment / Boost Android Memory With Memory Booster

Memory Booster, a powerful Android memory and ram boosting tool.  The key feature of this app is that it helps defragment your phone and frees up memory instantly. In built task killer helps you kill certain running apps by simple taps. A log is generated every time a quick boost is given via the main screen. On the main screen you can view memory info including total memory, free memory and used memory. Below that memory monitor is present.

Boost manager settings enables user to set a whitelist. By that way, all the selected items are not going to be killed during boost operation. Boost level manager can be optimized in three levels; General, Optimum and Ultimate Boost (available in the paid version $2.99).

Auto defragmentation is done in the background while the app is running. Boost interval and threshold can be set through the settings. It helps reduce system crash by reducing the load on the memory.

We rated it 4/5. If you really are looking for Ultimate Boost then buy the upgrade. Although the free version serves the purpose in full.
scan the QR code.

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