DiskAlarm Analyzes HDD Temperature And Provides Alarm Alerts

DiskAlarm is a small application that lets you view your computer or laptop’s Hard Disk Drive’s current temperature and alarms you if the temperature exceeds from the given value. It works in real-time, and as the temperature keeps changing, it keeps giving live updates. On launch, it asks for setting the temperature value, which once selected can also be edited at a later time. You can select the temperature in any of the formats – Celsius and Fahrenheit.  In case the hard drive’s current temperature exceeds the set value, it gives sounds and visual warnings.

DiskAlarm Analyzes HDD Temperature And Provides Alarm Alerts

You can also set your own audio sound which will be played as an alarm. Hit the Options button available on the GUI to expand the window containing different setting options.

Log files are automatically maintained containing all necessary information. Run time updates telling hard drive temperature change after every 30 seconds along with other tool events are saved in log files which can be viewed through the Log tab. Just a small note, it requires .NET framework 2.0 installed in your system.

diskalarm windows

According to the developer of this tool, it works on all versions of Windows, but I found this error while running it on Windows 7 32bit OS. Furthermore, it didn’t work properly for me. Share your experience if it worked on your machine running on Windows 7.

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