Disney Cartoon Puzzle Game For Android Is A Fun Game

Disney Cartoon puzzle GameAndroid is always giving fun featured game for its users like wise another is  Fun Puzzle Game- has different features of cartoons that has to be united through patches. As by the name it has Disney cartoons photos like Aladdin, Snow White, Tarzan, Winnie The Pooh and many others. As children are fond of playing puzzle games, for their ease it also has the feature of taking Hints. Hints helps children through hard puzzles even youngster also as it has different sizes of puzzles. It has different difficulty levels with timer. You can work with timer by making it Enable or disable.

The interesting thing about this game is that you can create your own puzzle. You need to follow these steps to do it.

  • Get your camera ready for photo shots
  • Get your photos
  • Game will create puzzle out of these photos

You can enjoy your own created photos puzzle. It is Free to download.




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